Bones are very important in an individual life not only because they provide stature and stability, but they also function as a storehouse for various minerals and are important source of blood cell formation. This clinic will treat Osteoporosis, Vitamin-D-deficiency, Paget's disease and calcium related disease. The main aim of this clinic is to prevent bone fractures due to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis affects at least 1/3rd of females above 70 yrs of age and every 30seconds someone in the world suffers hip fracture due to osteoporosis. 1/3rd of them die within one year due to complications associated with fracture and is a devastating disease in elderly. A simple DEXA scan can tell whether you have osteoporosis or not and your FRAX score will give your fracture risk.Indian population have higher risk of developing osteoporosis as they are nutritionally deficient in calcium and Vitamin D in their younger years and fail to achieve peak bone mass around 25 – 30years. Early marriage and frequent pregnancies weakens their bone health further. Osteoporotic fractures usually occur at least a decade earlier in Indian population when compared to the west.

Pagets disease is another important bone disease that requires endocrine work-up and treatment.

Vitamin-D-deficiency is very common, yet unrecognized problem. Most of the musculoskeletal symptoms that arise in an individual are due to vit-D-def and are completely curable.

Parathyroid disease can affect the calcium metabolism and bone. Increased PTH leads to increased calcium and bone problem and decreased PTH hormone is associated with low calcium and Tetany.

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