Obesity and cholesterol abnormality is common metabolic problems that are closely linked with hormones. Obesity can be due to variety of reasons like nutritional, thyroid problem, cortisol problem, genetic and familial. Predominant reason for obesity is increased dietary intake with decreased physical activity.


Obesity has become a major health concern as it increases the chance of diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis, gall stone disease and cancer. An obese individual will lose 5 years of his lifespan due to obesity related problems compared to a person with normal weight.

We run a Fit your fat programme for weight reduction. This clinic will evaluate the causes and complications of obesity. Hormonal abnormality will be treated accordingly.Thyroid and cortisol problems are easily treatable causes of obesity.

Weight loss should be gradual and vigilant follow-up is necessary to prevent rebound weight gain. Behavior and lifestyle changes are the most important ways for a successful weight loss program. These changes focus on gradual, permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. The treatment provided will be at par with the international standards with the scientific background. Bariatric surgery will be provided for appropriate patients.

This clinic will also deal with various problems and causes associated with low sugars (Hypoglycemia). Our special focus is on lipid-associated disorders.