Services Offered

Diabetes clinic

AlphaHRC provides comprehensive diabetic care with a humane touch. Our team consists of a doctors, nurses, nutritional counselors, diabetic educators, clinical psychologists, behavior therapists and physiotherapists. This clinic will deal with following diabetic problems.

i. Cause of diabetes: Whether Type 1 or Type 2 or other causes.

ii. Treatment of diabetes: Including latest modalities like Insulin pump, jet injectors and continuous glucose monitoring.

iii. Complications of diabetes: Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes complication like nerve, kidney, heart, eye, brain, foot problems.

iv. Diagnosis of diabetes.

Diabetes foot (Podiatry) clinic

Helps in evaluation and treatment of diabetic foot disorders. We are also involved in foot rehabilitation after amputation and in prevention of foot problems. We have podiascan to assess the foot pressures, sensitometers to assess nerve problems and Doppler to assess blood supply to foot.

Thyroid clinic

Helps in evaluation of thyroid problems associated with increase or decrease secretion, Thyroid swelling, thyroid cancers. We will be providing Ultrasound guided biopsy and alcohol ablation for treatment of thyroid nodule.

Pediatric endocrinology clinic

This clinic will deal with childhood hormone problems like short stature, early or late puberty, obesity, decrease academic performance and pituitary problems.

Reproductive endocrinology clinic

This clinic will exclusively treat patients with irregular periods, decreased sperm count, infertility, (Galactorhea) milk secretion from breast, sexual problems, decreased facial hair in males and increased facial hair in females.

Bone clinic

This clinic will treat Osteoporosis, Pagets disease and calcium related disease. The main aim of this clinic is to prevent bone fractures due to osteoporosis.

Metabolic clinic

This clinic will evaluate the causes and complications of obesity. The treatment provided will be at par with the international standards with the scientific background. This clinic will also evaluate and treat cholesterol problems and hypoglycemia.