Pediatric Endocrinology


Pediatric endocrinology deals with endocrine problems that arise in a new born child to adult. Normal hormonal environment is vital for children as growth, maturation, puberty and even brain development of a child is dependent of hormones. Thyroid hormone is essential for nerve growth, stature and normal puberty of a child. Growth hormone is required for the stature and penile growth. Similarly estrogen, LH and FSH are required for normal pubertal maturation in female and testosterone, LH and FSH are required for normal pubertal maturation in males. Endocrine gland growth and cancers can also occur in children.


The common diseases that requires pediatric endocrinology work-up includes:

1. Diabetes mellitus

2. Short stature or tall stature

3. Early breast development or menarche in female

4. Absent breast or late menarche in females

5. Breast development in boys

6. Early and delayed puberty in boys

7. Small penis in boys

8. Thyroid problems in children

9. Pituitary problems

10. Adrenal problems in children

11. Ambiguous genitalia (Genitals that are neither male nor female)

12. Low sugar (hypoglycemia) in new born

13. Calcium problems in children

Hormonal disorders that arise in children are traumatizing not only to the child, but also to its family and society. The interesting fact is that most are easily treatable if recognized appropriately. We have expertise and dedicated team to recognize, evaluate and treat these disorders.